Ooops I Did It Again

Was reading a forum talking about some big tech company laying off all their employees. Ouch. Different people were talking about opportunities for these employees on the forum. I suspect these may have just been some recruiters looking to cash in.

On such recruiter listed the needs they were looking for. Lot of requirements looked familiar such as experience with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. Then there was a line describing the need for programming skills and strong OOPS. Umm LOL? Either they were trying to comminicate a need for Object Oriented Programming, or they are talking about a new OOPS acronym I don't know about, or they are singing Britney Spears songs.

Ha ha. That's going to be my new methodology. OOPS. Just have to come with a catchy algorithm and run with it. Heck it sounds close enough to OOP that I might just be onto something.