Disparate Systems

On my current project at work, I have a team lead and a project manager. I take most of my direction from my team lead. He manages the list of trouble tickets on our system. And he hands them out to members on our team. When we fix the issues, we give him the updated source code. He then works some magic to get those changes deployed. He keeps on top of this. So it works well for our team.

Recently the project manager has been unhappy because trouble tickets are not being updated in our trouble ticket tracking system. After a while, I told our project manager that our team is really not using the tracking system at all. The team lead is managing this stuff on his own outside of the tracking system. Thus, there is conflict.

In theory, the tracking system is the way to go. But we just need everyone on board. The main guy that needs to follow the process is our team lead. Without his buy in, none of this is going to work. It will take a time to get all the older tickets sorted out in the tracking system. Unfortunately, thing are crazy at work. So who has the time for that?