Coding House Expose

These days you hear a lot about coding dojos. Get immersed and learn code quick. Of course you got to put in a lot of work. But they promise to turn you into a junior developer that can make a lot of $$$. Recently I read a scathing review about the Coding House. The review was written by Jose. You can find a copy online.

Here is a summary of the problems that Jose encountered. He paid a whopping $14k for the program. It was supposed to last for 60 days. Coding House is different in that you live in the house where you learn. Full immersion.

Jose was initially promised a chef on site that would cook all the meals. Then the meals turned into catered meals. Finally they ended up eating Costco microwave meals. That's not the worst of it though. Jose says a lot of his training was online. Other times he was told to Google the answers to his questions. Doh.

Jose says he was unable to get a job after attending the Coding House. There was supposed to be a money back guarantee if you could not find a job. However that guarantee apparently had a lot of string attached. Jose did not receive a refund. Instead he got a cease and desist letter to take down his review.

I know there is not really any shortcut to being a developer. Still a coding dojo might provide a quick onboarding to get your started. You must choose wisely. I bet some of these programs are scams. And they might also be trying to control bad reviews about them, as it seems Coding House is doing with Jose.