Check It Out

We use IBM Rational Clearcase for source code control on our project. We do not do anything fancy in Clearcase. However we got it set up to only allow one person to reserve a copy of a file at a time. Other people can make checkouts. But only the first one gets the reservation.

I started working on two efforts we are making in a maintenance round. The first one got handed off to another developer to code. I took the next one. As soon as I figured out what files I was going to change, I checked the files out.

The other developer completed coding. She had a bunch of Clearcase problems. I had not heard back from her about my checkouts preventing her work. I got a bit worried. Eventually she came forward and asked for help. She got the warning message that I had the files reserved. She just did not understand it.

I was able to undo my checkouts to let her put her code in first. Now I will need to merge my changes with hers. That's okay. At least I know we are both working off the same branch. Check your files out early. Check them out often. Use this as communication with other developers as to what you are changings.

Going Github

I finally got around to creating a Github account. Maybe I was reading something that strongly encouraged it. It is time to put some of my code online for all to see. I was glad they had a free account option.

Started out by creating a repository. Okay. Now how do I get the code on my hard drive up there? The operations did not seem self explanatory. Had to Google to figure it out. Turns out an easy way is to get Github for Windows.

I was able to create a respository and get all my code into Github with the Windows client. Good stuff. Now should I just create a ton of repositories for all my code? Or should I spread it out over the year. Not sure. Just know that I am now on Github.