Being Supplied

Upon joining my company, I was issued a company laptop. It is only used to send company e-mail and enter my time weekly. But I thought it was a nice gesture anyway. I could have done all those functions using my home computer. The company hooked me up.

The client I work for is also pretty generous. They issued me another laptop to do all the work on their project. The laptop is pretty sweet. If needed I can take the laptop with me to do some work at home. I have only done this once as I really do not care to work from home. But it still makes a positive difference.

I get paid a good salary. And the company is a consulting company. So at first I started bringing in my own supplies. I only truly needed pads of paper and pens at first. But I found myself lacking some other needed office supplies. I had a stash collected from previous assignment from prior jobs. So it did not cost me much money. I was however pleasantly surprised when a coworker told me they had a big box of new hire supplies waiting for me at the main office. I had a buddy who works at the main office sign for my box. And another coworker transported the box from the main office to the site where I work.

Now I do not think this box of supplies cost my company more than $100. However the effort was appreciated. I have this big box in my study at home. I don't think they expect me to haul this big box into my client's location where I work. But the plan is to move us out to a separate office some time soon. At that point I shall bring my box into my new office. It appears I am all set up from the administrative side. Now they just need to buy me the software tools I need, and we shall be off to the races.