When I joined my company, I was issued a laptop to read company e-mail and enter my time card. The laptop was an IBM ThinkPad. I got a carrying bag with it too. I was given a user name and password to log into the company network. For the rest I was on my own. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the files on my laptop were periodically backed up to some network storage. I did not do anything to set this up. It came from the company configured to do this automatically. The backup is pretty unobtrusive. I like that.

To convey how transparent my laptop backup is, I will confess that I had no idea how the backup was happening. I did not know the software used to do the backup (I have since checked and found that it is DataConnector by Connected Corporation). Nor do I know where my files are getting backed up to. I assume that they are getting copied somewhere on the company network where they are safe.

Like most modern backup products, I also assume that it is a smart backup. That is to say that the software knows which files got changed since the last backup. And it only copies the newly changed files each time it does an incremental backup. I can only surmise this because I have put a lot of files on my laptop. However the backups do not seem to take very long.

The whole laptop backup story is an example where my company is doing well to take care of me as an employee. Somebody has taken care of the important detail of backup so I can concentrate on solving problems for my company’s clients. If only everything where this simple and easy, corporate life would be grand.