PrimoPDF to the Rescue

My company had a good year. So they decided to lift the restrictions on costs to fund certifications. I talked it over with the big boss. He said he would approve anything related to our project. I decided to get an Oracle certification.

At first I had to check with the development management to ensure I could get a week off from the project. It takes this long to attend training for Oracle certification. I finally got the ok for the time. Then I gathered up all the required documentation. I needed to get the big boss to sign off. The only problem is that he works at a different location.

I figured this is business. So I could just FAX him my document. I called up the big boss and left him a message. All I needed was his FAX number and for him to be there. I got no response. Then I sent him a follow up e-mail the next day. I found out he was "off site". Great. He asked if I could put my forms in a PDF and e-mail it to him.

I went home and scanned in all my forms. The only problem was that my scanner software produces image files. The boss needed PDF. I found PrimoPDF on the web. If you can print your document, PrimoPDF can generate a PDF for it. Problem solved. And it did not cost me anything.