About Real Programmers

I read this opinion piece about "real programmers". Apparently real programmers write code in C++. Being a C++ programmer I could not argue about that. I also read that Java and COBOL programmers are just drones. That seemed a bit stereotypical.

Then I found out what this "real" label was about. It was not a language thing. It was more about the programming choices you make. Apparently a real programmer takes the difficult path.

Real programmers don't maintain code? Yeah right. Here is a funny quote. "Real programmers don't make mistakes." It sounds more like real programmers don't admit to making mistakes. That sounds real stupid. Yeah, the pun was intended.

Hey. I don't have any problem with some people thinking they are real programmers. Most programmers think they are the best anyway. But it is good to agree upon definitions in the software development world. I don't think we as a profession are going to be able to define which types of programmers are real or not.