Schedule to Win it

My team lead told me we needed to release some fixes this week. He asked me how many of the 4 that were assigned to me could go out. I was only sure that 2 would make it. That is all I committed to. My team lead asked me if I could squeeze the other 2 in. I said no.

Then I asked my team lead who was putting together the release. He said I was responsible. All I needed was a due date and time. Then my team lead mentioned that there were some other fixes to go in as well.

I called up the other developers. Then I gave them a cutoff time. My team lead later tried to negotiate a later cutoff time. That meant I would have to work late to do the build. I had to decline unless somebody else would do the build.

You got to stand up for yourself these days. I now vow to fight tool and nail against anybody committing my after hours time to work. Fight the good fight. It is definitely worth it.