Company Support

My company is supposed to have a standard. When you get to my level, you get to share an office with another employee. I am talking about a real office with a door. That sounds like a good perk.

There is one problem with this model. They don't seem to have enough offices. At first I got put in an office. Then I got kicked out. I am now in my second office. It started out fine. Then they ran out of room.

What was the company's solution? Well they added extra desks to the offices. You might think that was smart. Nope. The rooms are sized for two desks. They could not fit a third desk in my room. So they took a desk and hoisted one side of it up on my desk. The other side prevents the door from opening. I kid you not.

The unlucky third person does not get a phone. LOL. I am glad I was not the last one in. The third person also does not have any network jacks. Some genius decided they would add hubs to break out the ports. Just today that solution failed as the company initiated some network security. All the connections through the hubs are toast. This is starting to look like a typical body shop.