Career Programmer

Got a gift card from Barnes and Nobles book store. So I decided to buy at least one technical book. It was The Career Programmer by Christopher Duncan. This one is not technically a technical book. It tries to help you navigate the politics and such of software development.

I must confess that after reading the first 4 chapters of this book, I was bored as hell. But I invested the cash to buy the book. I needed to get something out of it. Then it hit me. I would start reading the chapters from the end of the book toward the beginning. And this is working for me now. It might get boring again when I get to the middle of the book.

The themes I have read so far are simple. Understand that companies are about business. If you can arrange to make your boss look good, and further your goals as well, you win. I will fill you in when I complete reading of this beast. Right now I cannot recommend that you purchase this book. There has to be better material out there.