How to Get a Job

Just skimmed a book on how to get a programming job. It was packed full of info. Here are some highlights.

You need to possess some key traits such a being smart, able to get things done, and being passionate. Learn on your own.

Don't wait for your company to send you to training. You should especially research technology that you know your company is moving towards. To be efficient, get in the habit of writing the minimal set of code to get the job done.

Hit up the normal suspects on the web for your job search. This includes Dice, Monster, and Career Builder. You should also check out USA Jobs if you are willing to work for the government. Forget about the freelance sites unless you are willing to work on projects that pay fifty bucks for the entire project.

Sending resumes if a low probability game. You are lucky if 10% of the resumes you send out even get read. You can up your success if you also email the resume to the person you will actually be working for.

Bring multiple copies of your resume to any interviews you go to. Do not seem desperate for a job. Know test driven development (TDD). And if you are going for a JavaScript job, make sure you know the DOM, events, JSON, and jQuery.