Business Objects

I have a coworker that is in training for Business Objects this week. It might be a good time to be learning. SAP just did a major upgrade to Business Objects 4 recently. SAP bought Business Objects 4 years ago. Now they are moving forward with the product.

There have been some job postings recently that require Business Objects Universes experience. Well that term is obsolete in the new version. That functionality has been grouped in with other functions into the Business Layer.

My coworker previously attended some training on Crystal Reports. She got a bit of Business Objects training back then as well. What's the difference between Crystal Reports and Business Objects you might ask. Crystal Reports, like Dashboarding, is one of the interfaces to Business Objects. It is a simple one at that.

I hear the new Business Objects has event processing down pat. Perhaps I shall quiz my coworker when she returns and find out the real inside story. Let's hope she learned some of the new Business Objects 4 features.