Separate Operations Support

I have spent the last week and a half researching and resolving high priority customer problems. This meant that my normal work was put on the shelf. Now I am slowly trying to get back to my prior tasks. This is a tough way to run things.

Today the big boss said we are splitting out our teams into new development and sustaining operations. We had a meeting scheduled with the big boss to go over the new changes for the next year. He declared that I would be free to design the good stuff for the next delivery. Yeah. I can live with that.

Some other poor chap got stuck with the maintenance duties. I hope he is ready for a lot of phone calls. That how I used to live my life in the maintenance world. There is some other good news. We are hiring a couple new people on my team. The big boss told me I could design away the changes, and let the new folks do the coding. Again this works for me.