UNIX Developer

I am responsible for one of the subsystems on our project. This is just one of my side duties. Another team was overburdened a year or two ago. I was asked to step in and give them a hand. Turns out I inherited a subsystem for life.

The big boss said I could hand this duty off to another developer. I took that at face value. There are some changes that need to be made to this subsystem next year. Recently I noticed that some tasks for this subsystem were overdue in the schedule. That sounded like a perfect time to hand the whole thing off to the other developer.

Oooops. That other developer is out on vacation for a month or so. Looks like I am stuck with some extra work again. This is my own fault. As soon as the big boss mentioned that it could be offloaded, I should have jumped at the opportunity to pass it on.

Here is how I know I am not right for this project. It runs mostly on UNIX. Today I did not know how to copy a directory and its contents using the UNIX command prompt. Sure I was able to google the answer. But a developer for this specific project should already know how to do this.