I am responsible for designing some new features in the next big release of our software. The project manager told me I would be handing my design over to the new guys for implementation. Therefore I wanted my design to be as clear as possible. I waited until the other developers were finished with adding their designs to our one design document. Then I grabbed the latest version and started making some changes.

I had some trouble with Rational Rose. The latest version on my system was broken. I tried to get a sys admin to fix it. Turns out he broke more than he fixed. I finally got access to a virtual machine that has Rational Rose on it. I drew some crucial sequence diagrams, as well as a class diagram of all the important clasees.

Today I was getting ready to check in my design document changes, when I found that somebody else had usurped me. My boss created a new version of the design doc. That means my changes were made to an out of date version of the document. Ouch. We use Sharepoint for the documentation. You are supposed to coordinate with the rest of the team. Who knew the boss would be making changes as well?