Saved by the New Girl

Last week there was a high priority problem from the customer. Initially I was not involved. However the problem was not getting solved. One of the customers mentioned my name. That was because I had dealt with this part of the system before. I was trapped.

I did my best to walk my team lead through the duplication of the problem in his development environment. It took a while. But we got it duplicated. I feared that I would have to implement the fix. But my plate is full with new development. Luckily the work got assigned to a new developer we have. Nice.

Then another problem kept coming up week after week. I asked the big boss if I should work on the problem. He told me the customer needed to submit a trouble ticket. I went to the customer, and she had no trouble opening a ticket. Once again the actual work got assigned to the new girl. I like how this is going.