Virtual Desktop Conundrum

Last year I needed an upgrade of my Rational Tools Suite. The system administrator who did the upgrade was unable to complete the task. I asked him to try again. He could not get the new software installed. I then asked him to escalate the problem to IBM. No dice.

My virtual desktop was without Rational Tools. Ouch. The system administrator recommended he redo the whole virtual desktop from scratch. Seeing how I just lost my Rational Tools, I decided against that. I did have one other virtual desktop that had the right version of the Rational Tool Suite. With the two virtual desktops, I am still able to do my job.

The plan from my manager was to get a new virtual desktop with all the software installed. A member of the customer organization was to get me the new desktop. Well eventually I got it. But nobody was scheduled to install all the software. Eventually somebody called to see if the trouble ticket to get my new desktop could be closed. No way. I don't have a working machine. Now my team lead has to sort through this mess. Oh boy.