Thread Commander

I read an article about the latest ideas for business cards titles. Some were fun like recusionist, multicore general, or daemonologist. Looks like the old rock star moniker is long out of style. The best title I saw in the list was Thread Commander.

Now I would hesitate to use Thread Commander unless you are in full control of multithreaded programming. You would hate for someone to see that title and find you don't know the difference between a mutex and semaphore. Time to brush up on the old multithreaded processing. Better yet, I should already be doing multithreaded programming. We use it on our systems at work. But once they are in place, you don't get into the details often.

I probably should have some side projects that are massively multithreaded. Next I will have to convince the powers that be that I deserve to have Thread Commander on my business cards. It was a chore to make such a business case last time I ordered business cards. Or I could go the east route - just buy my own business cards with whatever title I like