The Requirements

I am taking an advanced JavaScript programming class at the local community college. Last week we had our first quiz. It was really a test in disguise. Who ever heard of a two hour long quiz? There were just four problems. Three out of the four were easy. The fourth one was a kiler.

The instructor told us we could read over the quiz and ask questions in the first 15 minutes of the quiz. I read through all the questions. The hard problem was a use case for a whole program. There were some sentences that made no sense. There were ambiguous requirements in there. There were also some conflicting requirements. So I had a lot of question.

In the end, I determined that the instructor was just checking whether the students were able to discern the loose nature of the quiz question. He answsers to my questions pretty much told me he did not care what assumptions I made. In the end I really liked this quiz question.

My technique to solve the questions was to get a prototype up and running really quickly. The prototype just had a button that added text to a list on the web page. It worked. Then I slowly started adding functionality. I tested my code during each step. That ensured that I could turn in a working product even if I did not finish. In the end, I finished early.