Fork, Dongle, Fired x 2

Check out this story of how an indicent at the PyCon conference blew up and got two people fired. Adria Richards attended PyCon as a developer evangelist for Sendgrid. She heard two guys behind her making inappropriate jokes about "dongles" and "forking". She took a picture of them, and tweeted about the behavior.

Pycon staff came and questioned her. Then they took the two guys aside. The one who made the joke apologized. You would think that would be the end of the incident. Nope. Turns out these guys worked for Play Haven. The guy who made the joke got fired.

Truly unfortunate. But wait. There's more. There has been a large Internet backlash against Adria Richards. She has received many threats. Her blog hs been the target of a DDos. And her employer, Sendgrid, has fired her.

People are referring to the incident as DongleGate. The PyCon code of conduct already states that offensive jokes are inappropriate. Seems the code of conduct has been ammended to prevent future nonsense. The sad outcome is that two people have been fired from their jobs. And that's a huge fail.