More Requirements

I have to roll out a new feature for our customer's system really soon. Since everything is rushed on this job, the requirements analysis team needed to step it into high gear. I was required to attend a few meetings. In the kickoff meeting, some ideas were thrown around. Then the floor was open to questions. I asked some details about the main flow of the feature. The result was that I was asked to go research the answers for the details. WTF?

After getting assigned some action items based on my questions, I clammed up. I am the developer on the project. I write, test, and roll out the code. Requirements analysis is not my responsibility. I don't have the time to take on a second job on the project. Somehow the requirements phase is being run in a backwards way.

Since I have to actually produce the features, I will need some requirements analysis done. However I can do that on my own when I am rocking and rolling on the design phase. There is no reason for me to do all the work, but have to slow down for some requirements analysts to just try to get me to do all the work for them. Not good.