Middle Management

When I first joined my company, there was a team of managers on the project. They worked hard. There was a lot of work to do. I got used to them. Then something happened. I suspect they got tired of working hard. What did they do? They hired their replacements.

Well replacement might be the wrong name. They hired new middle managers and called them the delivery management team. Now the senior managers sit back and let the middle managers handle all the muck. We have a lot of middle managers working hard.

My own team has been dwindling down due to attrition and reassignment of team members to other initiatives. We each have more responsibility. Oh well. My team is now small. I took a vacation last week. When I came back, the team lead had also taken some time off.

The delivery manager in charge of us seems to have a plan of his own. He wants to delegate down to the team leaders. And when my team lead is out, I guess the buck stops with me. Now doing management by itself might not be evil. But I don't want to manage when I also need to turn around and do most of the actual work.

I call shennanigans. Definitely don't want to end up doing a middle manager's job. Not at all.