Bad Report Card

I have been looking around for my next gig. Because I have fun writing PL/SQL code, I am looking to find an Oracle database development position. There are a number of Oracle skills that I have under my belt. However I noticed a lot of topics that I am not strong in, or maybe have not have even heard of.

Here are the Oracle topics I have seen needed for jobs that I have researched:
Now I have heard about or played with SQL*Loader and APEX. But I am not an expert nor proficient in them. That's why I brushed up on the overview of each of these Oracle technologies. Today I met up with a past coworker of mine. He has been looking for an Oracle development job for a long time with no luck. The thing that disturbed me was that he knew almost all of these technologies. If he knows all these and still can't find a job, I might be in trouble.

But when things get tough, I get going. Time to double down on my studying. Maybe sit for a few Oracle certification exams. Install the Oracle database on a couple of my computers. And get cooking!