Going for Analysis

I am now off the project I have been on for the last 15 years. Got moved over to a new one. The new project plans to replace parts of the old project I worked on. Guess I am a good guy to talk to if you need to know what the system does.

The downside to my new task is that I do zero development. No programming is involved. My products are Excel spreadsheets, live demos of the application, and system requirement captured in Microsoft Word. Not too exciting for someone like me who likes to code a lot.

I do see some of the value in what I am doing. They people trying to design the new replacement system do not know a lot about the old system. That could make it quite difficult to do their jobs.

Luckily this analysis position is not the end game for me. I plan to eventually move onto a C++ Windows application position. However that job requires some security clearances that I have applied for but not been granted yet. I am biding my time, remaining billable (and receiving a paycheck).