Effect of the Environment

My company won the bid for a software maintenance contract. Our proposal was for the developers to work in our company's main campus. Now I will admit that our company has nice offices. However they are located far away from my house. I was initially excited that there was a change at the last minute. The developers were going to work on site at the customer location.

My excitement disappeared quickly once I came to work on the project. Apparently the customer does not have enough parking spaces for everybody. So each day it is a race to get in early to ensure you get one of the spaces. What kind of legit programmer gets into work early? That's not all. The developers don't go out to lunch any more. We are afraid somebody is going to steal our parking space. This is crazy. I got stuck in traffic one day, and even though I started out early, arrived too late to get a parking space. So I went home. Yes you can go find some expensive paid parking that is far from the client's site. But who wants to do that? Not moi.

I think the dire situation has reached the ears of the powers that be in my company. They plan to build out a building that is close to the client's site. Everybody will get their own offices. And there will be plenty of parking. Unfortunately this build out will take at least 6 months to complete. In the mean time, I hear that we will relocate to temporary space in other buildings owned by my company. Hey. As long as they have plenty of parking, I am down with this plan.

Now if only we can find a solution to the lack of network jacks for us to plug our computers in, we might actually be able to get some work done on this project. No kidding.