Visual Studio 2005

I continue to work on porting some code from Oracle 8 and Visual Studio 6 to Oracle 10g and Visual Studio 2005. There are many string library functions (such as strcpy) that are deprecated in Visual Studio 2005. I think these deprecated functions still work. However my boss told me to port them to the new Secure CRT functions.

Once I had made significant progress on the porting effort, I switched tasks to researching bugs reported in production. I started with the one that was the most puzzling. I figured that if I could knock out the hardest problem, it would be smooth sailing from there. In the morning I got frustrated because I could not replicate the problem in development. I had closely studied the audit information from production but was getting nowhere.

So I went off to lunch. All the other developers were working at other sites today. Therefore I went to the cafeteria alone and pondered the tough problem I was debugging. A toasted Italian sub gave me the fuel to fathom the mysteries of this problem. I sat back and pondered what I was missing. So I questioned each of my assumptions. Doing this helped me think about some of the audit information that seemed funny. Then an idea came to me. I ran upstairs from the lunch room and tested my theory. Bam. I duplicated the problem. Now comes the easy part of coding a solution to the problem.

After work I brought home the laptop that my client had purchased for my use. It was a brand new HP with a lot of options. I connected the laptop to my router at home and "dialed into" work. This allowed me to connect to everything. But it was slow even with my high speed Internet. I guess I will continue to do most of my work from the office. It is nice to have the option to work from home though.