An Interview

The guy that leads my team asked me whether we could accomplish all our tasks on time. I told him we needed either 1 more senior developer, or 2 mid level developers. He said he would arrange for us to get more people on the team.

Later my team lead asked if I would be available to go to our company home office on Friday. I told him no problem. Apparently they had found a candidate for us to interview. On Friday I left our customer's site a few hours before the interview.

I went to get some good lunch. Then I headed out toward my company home office. I confess I had never been to the main campus of company headquarters. The drive there was fine. But when I got there it got confusing. We have a lot of big buildings there. Each has a name, but the buildings themselves do not have labels.

So I tried to park in an outside lot, asking the attendant whether I got the right building. He told me I was off by 2 buildings. So I parked in the parking garage. I asked another guy where the interview building was. He had no idea. Finally I found a couple other employees who gave me great directions. I got to the building and found the interview room. There must have been a company sponsored lunch there before. The food leftovers we still on the table.

My team lead came by with the interview candidate. He left the two of us alone. The guy seemed nice enough. But he was not a GUI application developer. It seems he also lacked Oracle database experience. That was all I needed to hear. This guy was not right for the job. I told him about our project, then handed him over to the team lead to interview. I then reported to my manager's office. This was the first time I met my manager since I had joined the company. He said he was very busy. I asked him a couple questions, but assured him that I did not need much guidance. He knew this since I had worked on the project for a very long time before this company won the contract. My team lead came to meet us and concurred that the interview candidate was a no go. I guess we are going to have to continue the interview process.