Last Day at the Job

Friday was my last day of work. I have worked for the company for 7 years. Two weeks ago I submitted my resignation. One reason for my departure is that my company lost the maintenance contract for the project I have been on. Another reason for my leaving is that the company seemed mixed up about which project I would work on next.

So on the last day of work, I went out with a bunch of coworkers. One coworker was staying with the company. However he was going to work for another division. He was told that an administrative assistant would come take his badge. After waiting all day, the guy just bolted. I guess the company doesn't really need the badge back.

I don't like to sit around. So I called up human resources and asked whether I needed to be debriefed due to my security clearance(s). The HR rep said no. So I wrote his name down and decided it was time to go. Then I tracked down the admin assistant who was supposed to come get my badge. I met her at the door of the building, turned in my badge, and went home.

This was an unusual way to end the day. Normally I would have thought that HR and security would conduct some sort of exit interview. The very next day I get a package from my company via US Postal mail. The letter in the package tells me to schedule an appointment with Human Resources prior to my last day of employment. The letter goes on to state that I need to speak with security services if I have a security clearance. LOL.

I know I worked for a large (100,000 employees) company. But how dysfunctional can you get? This was also not an isolated incident. There was a definite pattern of incompetence at this company. Maybe that is the way it works at all companies. I certainly hope not.