First Day New Job

Today I started my new job. The morning was spent in new hire orientation. I got to the meeting and was surprised how many new people were starting today like myself. There must have been at least 25 people there, if not more. I guess this is standard for a company that has 20,000 people.

The orientation room was full of Type A personalities. My new company is mainly full of management consultants. I chatted with some people sitting at my table. It was strange. Not many of them knew exactly what they would be doing. But they all shared the perception that we were working for an awesome company.

I had a different outlook. To start with, I knew exactly which project I would be working for. And me and other developers had pegged employees of my current company as "the suits". They dressed very well. And they seemed to show up a lot to meetings. This may be good work for a management consultant. But that is against the code of the programmer.

The orientation went pretty smoothly. I guess they have a lot of experience conducting orientation. But once I got to my job site, it seemed like mass chaos. A lot of people were glad that I was there. However I had a hard time getting settled. My first order of business was to find out the codes I could charge my time to. Then I found out (second hand) that I did not get the right information about where to go today. As a result, I could not pick up my computer. I hope things get better tomorrow. And by hook or by crook I plan to get myself a computer.

Being new at the job will give me a lot of write about. So look for a number of posts soon.