Interview Tactics

I returned to interview with the project that may be my next home at my company. However I did a little homework beforehand. I reviewed some general C++ information. Luckily the last time I read Stroustrup I took some good notes. In addition, I researched the legacy system that the project I interview with was taking over.

At 11:00am I showed up to the interview location in my building. At 11:15am there was still nobody there. So I called my manager and left him a voice mail. I bolted at 11:20am. Called up the person who set up the interview. Apparently the whole team that was supposed to interview me either forgot or were busy. So we rescheduled. At 2:30pm I showed up to the interview location. By about 2:40pm my boss stopped by. I was the only guy in the room. We tracked down the guys that were to interview me. Not such a good start. I am wondering if this is indicative of their interest in me.

They interviewers asked me standard stuff, such as what my background was and what roles I play on my current project. It has been a while since I have been on an interview. But I would say I am pretty good at interviewing. One high point was when they asked me to write a C++ assignment operator on the board. I usually don't write these operators in my code. But I had studied up my Stroustrup notes on assignment operators. And since my notes on the subject were a little lacking, I had just done a study by searching for everything I could find on the web regarding the assignment operator. So I breezed through that question, nailing even the finer points such as checking whether the coder assigned the object to itself. I believe I nailed this interview when it came time for me to ask questions. I posed a lot of questions that showed I had a deep knowledge of the system they are trying to rewrite.

So far the only feedback I have received is that they are interested in me. However the last time I interviewed with this group, I got the job, until that transfer was cancelled. So I am a bit skeptical at this point. I asked my project manager to go find out where I am exactly regarding a future position on the project.