Getting Fingerprinted

I got the word from our Help Desk that I was scheduled to be fingerprinted. And I was directed to not be late. Another guy who started the same day as I did had a similar appointment. We decided to show up together.

Now I got the address where we were to be fingerprinted. I assumed we would drive there. So I packed up my briefcase and went to meet my coworker. But when he showed up, he said we could walk there with no problem. I found out that this guy has a lot more stamina than me. Plus I was lugging around my heavy briefcase. I made it there, but was winded.

I should have known we were in trouble when I called the two points of contact, but nobody answered their phone. So I waited in the lobby of the fingerprint building. After a while somebody came out and told me to fill out a form. I complied. However the person came back and said they did not receive my paperwork, and that I was not on the list to be fingerprinted that day. Now this seemed a bit odd. Somebody from their office received the paperwork and scheduled me for the appointment. I got in touch with my sponsor at the client site. Luckily he still had the original forms. He faxed them back over and I was able to get the fingerprinting done.

It was actually a good fingerprinting, if you ignore the hours I spent waiting to get the missing forms resent. The new machine does not require and ink. It is a "live" print, in that a computer senses my print and creates an image digitally.

Not all things are going smoothly at the new job. I got no clue about the organizational structure. And I have yet to meet my manager. All I know is that there are 2 people who I am supposed to call up and report to. These guys are busy. One of the points of contact at my firm told me I was going to get a laptop. Later he said that a subcontractor had to take my reserved laptop for some emergency work. So it might be a while until I get a computer.

Hey I don't mind too much sitting around until I get a computer. But I do get concerned when people expect me to actually code up some fixes without a computer. A manager on our team asked me about the status of all outstanding trouble tickets. So I asked around to see if anybody from the company had done any work on the maintenance work. The answer was no. And since I had no computer, the status was that there was no progress at all. This alarmed me. But I guess the customer understands that the company has taken over the contract, and it will be a while until we get on our feet.