Memory Stick

So I have a huge amount (8 Gig) of data that I need to move. The problem is that it is on my computer now, and I want to move it to a computer I shall get in about a couple weeks. My current computer needs to be wiped clean.

I have a CD burner. However it will take a lot of CDs to hold the whopping 8 Gigabytes of data that I have. Then I thought I could transport the data with my memory stick to some other temporary storage location. But my old memory stick only has 256M of storage space on it. That is even worse than a CD.

The solution? Time to upgrade to a bigger memory stick. Looks like you can get them in 4 Gigabyte size for around $50. That seems like a steal. Of course it will take a long time to copy 4 Gigs worth of files at a time to a slow device like a memory stick. But as long as it works, I see no problem with this. The data I am trying to store is worth a whole lot more than $50 to me. It is also worth the time and trouble it will take to preserve it.

Now if only they made some type of Zip drive that holds 10 Gigabytes worth of storage, I would be golden. Its not like I know that such a beast does not exist. But I no longer follow the PC peripheral technology like I did when I was younger. For now I am sticking with the memory stick solution. Maybe a little pun intended there.