Business Travel

This week I am returning to some company training. The commute to the training location is evil because I live near a big city. So I told my company I needed a hotel room close to the training facility. To my surprise they said ok.

We are always busy at work. I need to be in training a couple days this week. Therefore I need to find a way to do a whole week’s worth of work in a couple days. Part of this involves saying no to requests for help. However I have to pick up the phone when the customer calls. I also have to do the work that the boss says needs to get done.

On the day that I need to travel, I still have a lot of work to do. That’s ok. I figure I can take my computer with me and do some work on the road. There is just one problem. I can’t get the darn security lock off my computer. And the guy that knew the trick and locked it in the first place is no longer on the project. Hey. They pay me to deal with situations like this. So I get another computer and bolt on travel.

I check into what I thought would be a luxury establishment. However this hotel seems to be all show and no substance. There is no fridge in my room. And the high speed Internet is no speed. What a crock. I guess I am going to have to go into the training facility in the middle of the night, or real early tomorrow to get on the network. Life sucks. Then you die.

My company considers this local travel I think. They will pay me to drive to the site. But I don’t get any money for food. Lucky for me I made a killing in the stock market this week. So I ordered up some room service. The sky is the limit. I might even leave a good tip for the delivery guy. Life throws you curve balls. And you need to roll with the punches. I have been beaten up this week.