The All Nighter

This week I have been in training to learn Oracle PL/SQL programming. My goal is to get Oracle certified. Yesterday was a long day in training, so I took a nap after getting an early dinner. When I woke up I needed a snack. I heard my home phone ring. Then I saw I had a voice message from two hours early. The customer had a high priority problem.

I dialed in to a call in number. A lot of managers from my company were in on the call. Apparently our software was not working on our client's test machines. It was also not working on anybody's virtual machine. I told everyone that it worked on my VM. I tried to log in remotely, but had some password problems.

To reset my password I needed to visit the customer's site. By then it was late in the night, or early in the morning. I waited until somebody from the customer site could let me in the next morning. I reset my password there, and found that the application works in my virtual machine. I provided all information about my virtual machine to another developer. Then I went off to my training for today. I hate it when high priority problems keep me up all night. But in this economy, you need to be happy to have a job.