Interview Time

Our application development team has gotten very small over the past year. We used to be 7 or 8 members strong. Now we are down to 3. I have complained to upper management that I don't like having to deal with everything. That just means I work late every night and continue to work when I get home.

I thought convincing management of the need for more developers was the hard part. Now I realize that was just the beginning. It is difficult to find good developers. I suspect the really good ones use personal networking to find jobs. What's left are the mediocre developers looking for a job through traditional means.

Every developer we have interview has either been technically weak or a nut case. At this point I am willing to settle for somebody who knows C++ and has done some hands on Windows programming. Is that too much to ask for? I won't give away the secrets to our interview questions. But anybody who does real development should pass with flying colors. Our problem now is getting those types of candidates to our interviews in the first place.