Customer Presentation

Today we were scheduled to walk through the design of a new piece of software. I was a little worried as the design documentation took a lot of work to produce. We had four people working on this task. They are all located in different offices sometimes. So I feared the worst.

All of us got to the customer site early. At least that was a good sign. We showed up to the presentation room 15 minutes early. Everyone got a little nervous when nobody was there 5 minutes before the meeting. But the people showed up. And many dialed in to the conference call.

The leader of our team was late due to a flat tire. Luckily our manager opened up the meeting, and I took it from there. There were a number of questions about the small piece I started with. However once I heard our customer's technical advisor say he wanted this meeting to move along, I pressed on. The rest of the developers followed suit. We actually ended the meeting 15 minutes early.

Good job team. Now comes the hard part. We need to implement all this stuff while there are still some uncertainties on some of the technologies to use. Does anybody have experience with PDF file generation? Inquiring minds want to know.