Lack of Process

Apparently we have a process for fixing defects in our software. The team allegedly worked on this process before I started on the project. I have asked the software development manager for the documented process a few times. All I get are promises. But I never seem to get a copy of the process. To me that means that the process is not important. Or maybe this means the process does not exist, but people say it does.

There are many times when we run into problems that can be traced back to a bad process. To me these problems are more due to a lack of process. I have an idea in my mind as to how the process should be. I follow that mental process. To me, I think this is a reasonable process to follow. However other people are marching to a different process. Everybody might even have their own variation.

Our project is supposed to be operating at a CMMi level 3 maturity. But if your key people do not know where the process documentation is located, then you are really at a CMMi level 1. Often times I joke that we are actually at a CMMi level 0. The real impact is that we might lose our contact with the customer if this is true. What do I have to do to bring this problem into the light? I guess I could make some noise about it. I could escalate the problem up the management chain.

The last guy who made some noise got fired. I am not sure whether his dismissal was due to his “noise making”. I do know he was very vocal about the lack of documented processes. He also went further to state that the management was utterly incompetent. The suspicious thing is that nobody officially came out and said he was fired. He just disappeared. He called me up and spoke elusively about his departure. This is definitely not a good scene. What a developer like myself to do?