Work Assignments

Today was the last day at work before my week of training. I actually completed my tasks in the morning. However I did not want to get bogged down with any new jobs prior to my training. So I stayed low for the afternoon. Luckily nothing popped up.

I have found that this is becoming a pattern with developers on my team. There is never a reward of leaving early if you work hard and get your tasks done. Your reward will be more work. More often than not, that new work will be something that keeps you late into the night.

There is no specific reward for getting done early and taking on new tasks. This is a bad setup. Developers are smart and will make sure to minimize such "rewards" for hard work. I don't have the answer on how to fix this problem. Because I am one of those who does not volunteer for extra tasks that much. Why do it? It just does not make sense. Just saying.