Communication and Leadership

I was packing up my bag to get ready to leave work today. The guy who leads my old team dropped by and had some bad news. He said I needed to attend a long meeting later this week to work through some bugs with the customer. Then he said I needed to stick around today to help the team prepare for this meeting.

When asked to do some work that is not my official role on the project, I always start making calls. I immediately called up my manager. I reminded him that I moved to another team over a month ago. I also said that I had a schedule to keep with my new team. I asked why my schedule was getting loaded up with work from my old team.

I ended up conferencing a bunch of developer from my old team. I spent an hour walking developers through the problem resolution process. Now I do not normally care about incompetence. But I do care when it means I have to do somebody else's job. Don't try that mess with me.