Lack of Review

I have recently taken over the maintenance of a back end job. It communicates with another system. Most of the business is written in Oracle PL/SQL. There is also a mixture of Korn and Perl scripts involved. My first task was to implement a new change the customer wanted.

Luckily I inherited a pretty detailed design document. So I updated the thing with the new changes that the customer wanted. I asked my boss what I needed to do with the document. He said to give our internal team a day to review the thing. Then publish it and schedule a walk through with the customer.

Got no comment back from the internal review. Nobody read the thing I guess. My boss asked a few questions. That led to some changes. Then the document went out and I headed to my meeting to go over my design changes. The meeting was held at our customer's building. I knew a guy who worked at the building. He signed me in. I got dropped off in the room where the meeting was to be held. I practiced my intro a couple times so that it would be smooth. Also jotted down some notes on the sections I wanted to hit. Nobody was showing up at the meeting though. My boss said all types of big shots would be there. I guess my design passed. Wrong. More on this next time.