Last Minute Changes

Today there was a meeting scheduled with the customer to review some last minute requirement changes. I went to lunch early so I would not miss the meeting. I dial in to the conference, but all I get is elevator music. After a while, the requirements team calls me up. I find out that I dialed the wrong number. This was a bad omen.

We get into the meeting. The requirements team drives the discussion. But they always go to me for all customer questions. This time around I had them document exactly what the code does. The danger is that this opens up all kinds of discussion. Now is not the time to discuss. We are at the end of testing. However it is better to get the bad news now than later after the code is running in production.

I get banged up a bit. There are some surprise requirements. I take it in stride. Right after the meeting I am banging out code. Luckily I have a huge unit test code library that helps me test out the changes. But guess what? I found a bug in my unit test data generation routine that is affecting the latest changes. I debug that and then test out all the new stuff. Oh boy this is so last minute. Luckily I am going on vacation next week. People on the team are scrambling to figure out who will be backing me up next week. Rant off.