I had a ton of messages on my phone when I got in this morning. Nice. One of them was from my team lead. He usually does not call me. So I got in tough with him right away.

A project manager had asked him to get me to check up on a customer problem in the production environment. Apparently he thought this would take me all of 10 minutes. It actually took longer than 10 minutes for me to even understand what the heck they were asking.

Here is what I gathered. The customer testing group had some concerns over some processing. Our manager wanted me to mine the production data, figure out from the data whether the customer concerns were valid, and provide the hard evidence either way.

All I can say is LOL. If I were given a few days, I could knock out this work. But 10 minutes? Please. Each of the many queries I need to run against our huge production data set might take 10 minutes. Right now I don't even know how to compose the queries without doing analysis up front. My team lead is a true diplomat. He said that he would respond by saying that my hands are full, and that I would try to help if I got any free time.

Muhahaha. You got to love my team lead. He is a politician in the making. I actually work directly for a different manager. He directed my to spend my time working on some new customer requirements that need to go out ASAP. I was told that I can direct all my time on that task. I am going to follow my direct manager's orders for now. Still laughing at the 10 minute estimate though.