Going to UNIX

The big boss told me he wanted to me join another team on the project. They just lost a member and are hurting for help. There is just one problem with this plan. This team does C/UNIX programming. I am a C++/Windows developer.

Sure I guess I can figure things out. But it will be a slow process. I got my configuration management set up on my UNIX account. However I did not know the command to do a "find in files". I normally let my Visual Studio tool do that for me. Now I need to know the command line to accomplish that task.

Ok. I figured out how to search for a file. But now I cannot build a UNIX program. They even got a make file and I cannot get the darn thing to build. Must be some config settings that are missing in my environment. I don't want to waste the other team members' time. So I am slugging through it on my own. This is going to be painful.