Running Around in Circles

My boss told me to address a customer problem ASAP. I could not figure what was wrong. So I called the customer up directly. She said that they were following a manual work around process to load some configuration data. However the system administrator was running into some errors.

I investigated and found that the code required was commented out of the package. The fix seemed simple. I enable the code and gave it to my DBA. He had some trouble promoting the fix to other database schemas. I looked into those problems, made some code adjustments to the stored procedures, and again I thought we were good to go.

Another customer piped in and said that the whole manual work around was obsolete. Some new features in one of the applications had been made to take over the functionality. Doh! I had been running around for the last couple days to get this back end process running. But it turns out they did not really need that. Ouch. It even hurt more when I had to back out my changes. Let's hope the new functionality in the application takes care of our customer needs.