Visual Studio 11

The Visual Studio 11 release candidate has been announced over on the Visual Studio blog. This is relevant to me since we are just upgrading to Visual Studio 9 at work. Visual Studio 11 is also known as Visual Studio 2012. At work we are moving to Visual Studio 2008. That Microsoft is at a release candidate means the Beta is coming to an end. They are getting close to shipping.

Strangely enough, I had to go to Jason Zander's blog to find out the details on the VS11 release. Wouldn't you think the feature list might be a good thing to post on the Visual Studio blog? LOL. Anyway, Zander goes through what made it into this release candidate.

They got the .NET framework 4.5. Visual Studio also has a new logo which people are complaining about. There is something called a "dark theme". No clue what the hell that means. Details please. Microsoft eliminated some of the menu bulk the solution explorer. Thank you.

Of course VS11 supports Metro (Windows 8). They got templates to support Metro apps. The also have the Entity Framework 5. Maybe I will provide more on that later. They have added Intellisense for HTML 5. Very good. Finally the release candidate will provide a "go live" license allowing you to create production code from it.

Unfortunately it might be a few years before we upgrade to Visual Studio 11 at my work. Might be as long as three or four years. We trail the cutting edge to protect agaisnt bleeding.