The Way to Woo

My company has some significant benefits. They pay me a large salary. On top of that, they drop a huge chunk of change into my 401k each year. They do that regardless of whether I contribute. My retirement is looking good for now. The company also has money and time allotted each year for my training. That is nice. I just have to arrange the time off from my project. The costs and pay are already arranged. You got to love that. These benefits help keep me on the job. There may be things wrong with the position and company. Benefits are right.

A lot of times I think that I have some golden handcuffs keeping me at my company. Other jobs would be too much of a cut in pay or benefits to even consider. Then the other day I spotted a job listing that made me think a bit. They offered what the called Rock Star benefits. They will take care of the full cost of medical insurance. Nice. Their education budget was three times what my company offers. This is unheard of until now. They also give a lot more vacation than my company. What the heck?

Then I saw what the hubbub was all about. This company needed people with high level Department of Defense security clearances. Those developers are hard to come by. They make their companies good money and very profitable. They are limited in number. Someone has to have already taken the time and paid for their security clearance. I wonder if my good friend who has such a clearance is ready for this high life? I am ready but not qualified. Damn.