Power of Gamification

The leaders of my company wanted to see what all the workers think. We have a lot of employees in the company. So they hired an outside firm to set up an anonymous survey. They do these on a yearly basis. Last year there was a whopping 80%+ participation rate.

Here is the stickler. This is a long survey. And they want you to take it on your own time. That might work if you are chillin on your job. But me and my team are busy. I cannot justify spending any time on such a survey.

The local managers figured we were busy. So they cooked up some gamification techniques to encourage participation. They divided us up into teams. And they are pitting team against team. There is supposed to be a prize for the team that finishes the survey.

This gamification is encouraging some people to do the survey quick. They even try to get others on their team to do the survey too. I have a problem with this though. They said the winner will get some undisclosed prize. If you are going to wave a carrot in front of me, I need to know what the carrot is. Otherwise I will look a fool if I jump for some undisclosed prize.

I have some other ideas on how to motivate all employees to complete tasks such as this survey. But I will share those ideas at another time.