The Rise of the Nomad

When I first started coding, I had an engineering degree. I learned how to solve problems in school. So it did not matter what work I was assigned. I had already learned how to figure new things out. No trouble.

Later I saw that developers specialized in languages and platforms. Back then Microsoft seemed hot. Therefore I learned the Microsoft stack. I became a Microsoft developer. My self proclaimed titled was a Windows Application Developer. Made for quite a few job opportunities.

When I started my current job, I got hired in as a Windows Application Developer. Perfect fit. But then I found that the database in use was Oracle. And our system is Oracle-heavy. No trouble. Remember that I am an engineer by training. I learned Oracle on the job. Even went and got Oracle certified.

Nowadays I don't seem to do as much Windows programming. It is mostly database development in Oracle. I thought I might need to morph into being an Oracle developer instead of a Microsoft developer. But lately I have been reading that it does not matter what stack you use. Your stack is not your value.

Patrick Kalzumeus says you should not even call yourself a programmer. And Andra┼ż Bajt decribes the rise of the Nomad programmer. Time to sit back and think about my title in the work world.