All in the Positioning

The customer detected some unusual data conditions while testing out some new functionality in our system. Our test team was tasked with trying to replicate this behavior. Turns out they glossed over testing this function. Might have been due to a lack of time or insight. They were a bit green.

The testers could not replicate the exact behavior from the customer. They could also not make the system as they expected. They asked me for some help. I got similar results as them. We were at a loss. Then I figured we could stop trying to replicate the issue from the customer. Instead we could try to figure out what was going wrong.

We found some data. But it seemed to be chopped off at the end. Some other data was just all garbled up beyond recognition. The data getting truncated came from a file that was SQL*Loaded. I figured a truncation might be due to wrong positioning in the input file.

I researched the record layout documented in the design. Sure enough, the testers were putting a response in the wrong position in the file. You would think they would have double checked that. I guess everyone is busy. Let's hope this gets us past this problem.